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Our services are ideally suited for companies that wish to start and grow their exports

Knowledge or local market conditions , language and business etiquette are essential to export success

We offer a flexible, cost-efficient way to explore new business opportunities abroad from the hand of expert advisors, while keeping your risks low

We can work as your external export department , or support your existing team, by providing on-demand, personalized support in key market
1. Strategic Export Advice & Export Audit
A successful export strategy starts by getting the foundations right.

We audit your company for export potential and provide a number of guidelines based on the analysis of your products, markets and resources available.

We visit your facilities, interview key employees, learn about your products and services and assess the competitive position of your company in the target export markets.

Which ones of my products have the most export potential and where?

What are the priorities in international markets?

How many resources should be allocated to export activities?

Are there bottlenecks or organizational barriers that can get in the way?
2. Market Research
How do your target markets work? How large is the market? What are the key drivers of demand? What are the distribution channels? Who are the main players and competitors? What is the price structure? What are the legal, certification and regulatory requirements?

And most importantly: how does your business fit into this market?

We zoom into the markets you are interested in and provide a comprehensive overview of the factors that must be taken into account for a successful market entry. Understand the main drivers so that you can choose the optimal strategy to get in.
3. Actionable Export Road Map
We elaborate step-by-step guidelines to enter your markets of interest.

Our recommendations are based on the specific needs of your company and the conditions of your markets of interest.

We identify the market segments that are more promising for your products and services and the players that support or hamper your market entry, as well as suggestions to deal with these.

We outline an orientative time-frame and budget for the implementation of your market entry strategy.

This analysis is optimal when conducted in line with our Export Audit and Market Research services.
4. Client and partner search
We identify suitable prospects and partners for you.

Our market knowledge and experience, contact network, local presence and knowledge of the local business etiquette maximizes the chances of finding the most suitable leads.

We approach them on your behalf overcoming potential language and cultural barriers and filtering those that are most promising for your business in order to plan efficiently the next steps.
5. Training and Guidance
We help you build and train your staff so that they are familiar with the particularities of the export business and of the markets where you plan to be active. This training can be organized in the form of workshops presential or online.

Alternatively, we can also actively manage some aspects of the export process for you. Taking care of continuous communication with clients and partners on your behalf while providing up to date market intelligence.
6. Export Marketing Guidance
We help you adapt your value proposition, products and communication to the requirements of the local audience. We help you adapt and translate your marketing materials and conduct ongoing promotion and communication in the local market, in line with the local practices and expectations

  • Branding
  • Messaging
  • Packaging
  • Labelling
  • Communication
  • Promotion
  • Advertising
7. Trade Show and Event Support
We help you identify the most relevant trade shows, events and conferences to promote you business in new markets.

We help you on the ground with the organization and participation in these events, providing local language staff to boost your ranks when you most need it.

We also would conduct pre-show market intelligence, identifying the most relevant attendees and sending our invites and letters, support during the event by assisting in meetings and conducting post-show outreach to follow up on leads generated during the event.

We would also look for potential opportunities to use these events for enhanced promotion, for example by seeking opportunities for public presentations
8. Online Business
A well designed, effective online presence is often essential either to accompany your overall marketing strategy or a sales channel.

But, although the internet may be global, audiences are still local. We help you adapt your online presence so that it supports your internationalisation efforts in the most effective way.

  • Launch of local versions of your website
  • Translation and adaptation of content
  • Creation of new local content
  • Development of local online channels
  • Active management of local active channels (website and social media)
  • Set up of local online sales
  • Active management of local online sales
  • Customer support in local market
9. Administrative support in EU markets
Set up your own EU presence easily and efficiently.

We set up and manage a virtual office for you.

Your virtual office in the EU market will have a Spanish postal address with mail forwarding service, a dedicated phone line and secretary/customer support services in the local language.

We can also register a legal entity for you in Spain, and facilitate the completion of required legal and administrative procedures, as well as the related accounting and tax compliance services.
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